The First Political Album of Golkar




According to me, the second historical album for Indonesia music lovers after Genjer-genjer is Souvenir Pemilu 71. This album is totally about political campaign for Golkar, political organization, in it’s first debut as a political party ini general election on 1971. This election is a very historical episode in Indonesia politics, since through that election a New Order regime started it’s political penetration. New Order is a very identical entity with Soeharto, second Indonesia president for 32 years, who passed away newly on 27 January 2008. *

Album : Souvenir Pemilu 71
Artist : Bing Slamet, Ellya Khadam ect.
Producer : Metropolitan and Golongan Karya, 1971
Track list:
1. Pohon Beringin (Suwandi) interpretation: Bing Slamet
2. Sataro Mama (ALfred Sundah) interpretation: Cillya & Vivi SUmanti
3. Karemako (N.N.) interpretation: Lenny Beselaar
4. Tandjung Ou Ulate (N.N.) interpretation: Tanty Josepha
5. Ole SIo (N.N.) interpretation: Jimmy Samallo
6. Ajo Mama (N.N.) interpretation: Bing Slamet
7. Mari Memilih (Bing Slamet) interpretation: Bing SLamet
8. Es Lilin (N.N.) interpretation: Bing Slamet
9. Kerontjong Moristku (N.N.) interpretation: Bing Slamet
10. Kerontjong Kemajoran (N.N.)
11. Berbaktilah (M. Sanip) interpretation: Ellya Khadam
12. Tjita-tjita Srikandi (M. Sanip) interpretation: Ellya Khadam

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