Ethnic Folkways Library

English note: Civilized society are very aware to recorded music. This album entitled Music of Indonesia was produced by New Yorker — hopefuly N.Y.C. means it — on 1950. This album presented 10 folkrythms from central Java, Sunda, Batak, Minangkabau, and Bali. Those rare music were recorded live from the place and the people who created those music. It’s amazing. Thank God that there is foreign producer who recorded those music in the old time when Indonesian people might be not yet aware to do that. *

Abum : Music of Indonesia
Producer : Ethnic Folkways Library, copyright 1950 by Folkways Record & Serv. Corp 117 W 46 St. N.Y.C.
Line Notes: Raden Suwanto
Tracks list:

1. Ile-ile (Batak Music recorded in Sumatra. Sinandang Sipirok Orch., Dir. Rapoesen Batoebara)
2. Tari Piring Sadang Lawas (Plate Dance. Recorded in Minangkabau Sumatra)
3. Tumba Lela-lelan (recorded in Mainangkabau)
4. Bah Motoh (Chorus, drums. Temior music recorded in Malaya at Gill. under Dir. of H.D. Noone, Malaya Advs. Corp.)
5. Udan Liris (Vocal with Ketjapi. Recorded in Sunda)
6. Sorban Palid (Vocal with Ketjapi and Violin. recorded in Sunda)

7. Lagu Babar Lajar (Instrumental. Gamelan, saron, bonang. Recorded in Central Java)
8. Lagu Srihardjono (gamelan, rebab, gender, suling. Recorded in Central Java)
9. Ganda Pura (Djanger-Abijan-Timbul. Instrumental. Gamelan, rebab. Recorded in Bali)
10. Peperangan Sira pandji (Parabangsa-Classic Opera. Recorded in Bali)

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