Gombloh in Utan Kayu Station

Last night, 13 February 2008, Utan Kayu, one of radio stations in Jakarta, aired a musical talkshow talking and playing track lists of the late singer and composer Gombloh. This man has very unique position in musical map in Indonesia. His contribution in music should be appreciated as well as other composer such as Iwan Fals with his Kantata Takwa and Swami project, or a troubador singer Leo Kristi.

I enjoy that programme, because I can listen to at least 3 songs which I never heard before, such as Siti Jamila (with Viky Vendi), and Sekarmayang (Javanesse version Hongwilaheng). Hearing songs of Gombloh in radio is something strange, since almost radio stations in Jakarta have a same taste to pop-music-like Kangen-iest. Thank to Gigin Praginanto, senior journalist who anchored that programme. *

1. Nadia dan Atmosphere (Golden hand, 1978)
2. Mawar Desa (Golden Hand, 1978)
3. Kadar Bangsaku (Golden Hand, 1979)
4. Pesan Buat Negeriku (Golden Hand, 1980)
5. Terima kasih Indonesiaku (Chandra Recording, 1981)
6. Pesan Buat Kaum Belia (Chandra Recording, 1982)
7. Berita Cuaca (Chandra Recording, 1982)
8. Kami Anak Negeri Ini (Chandra Recording, 1983)
9. Gila (Nirwana, 1983)
10. Setengah Gila (Nirwana, 1984)
11. Semakin Gila (Nirwana, 1986)
12. Apa Itu Tidak Edan (Nirwana, 1987)

*) I have almost all albums of Gombloh, unless Sekar Mayang (Golden Hand, 1981), Kebyar-kebyar (Golden Hand, 1979), and Apel (Nirwana, 1986).

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  • haris djauhari  On October 1, 2010 at 4:03 am

    I try to get mp3 for “pesan buat kaum belia” but ididnt found that album. do you have any idea bro?

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