A Go Go Pattie Sisters

Why duo vocalists Pattie Bersaudara (Pattie Sisters) used A Go Go, such kind of dance as a title album? I supposed that in that time (1960-ies), A Go Go is a kind of foreign dance which is getting very popular among local folks. Although actually the strongest song to become a hit one is Tjinta Pertama (First Love).

Putting a popular idiom for album title is such smart trick to get wider listeners, but it is not always success. Look at what a comedian Tukul Arwana did for his music album. He put his personal gimmick idioms like Kembali ke Laptop, Tak Sobek-sobek and so on. But it does not help a better success for selling his album. A success of selling a music album is really depend on the quality of song, not on popularity of other things. *

Track list
Side one:
1. Kuda Puithku (Harry S)
2. Bloemen Voor Moeder (n.n.)
3. Bila teringat Padamu (Harry S)
4. Pergi ke Bulan (A Rijanto)

Side two:
1. Tjinta Pertama (Harlan)
2. Bala (n.n.)
3. Hari Bergembira (Harry S)
4. Tampak Siring (Wedhasmara)

Album: A Go Go (Tjinta Pertama)
Artist: Pattie Bersaudara
Band: Pantja Nada, under direction Enteng Tanamal
Producer: Remaco
Cover design: Sjam, Ferry Iroth

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  • Bung Tris  On February 24, 2009 at 7:50 am

    This is a little info about that album. It’s (produced and) popular in 1967. And the 4th song on side one, Pergi ke Bulan (Pergi Kebulan, the original spelling) performed instrumentally by Band Pantja Nada.

    Thank you, Bung Tris.

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