A Prayer for Fariz RM

Fariz Rustam Munaf, also known as Fariz FM, is one of biggest composers in Indonesia music map. As composer, he is a prolific one. He has 18 solo albums, and 51 collaborated albums, and still produces album until now. Naming Fariz, we remember A.R. Rahman, a young composer from India who can produce three albums in one year.

But this days, Fariz gets a problem with a drug case and the court is still on going. I do not have any personal tie with Fariz. But as appreciator for his music, I just hope that Fariz can get his justice, a real justice, as soon as possible. A real justice means that may the judge consider his big contribution in music industry, comparing it’s benefit and it’s danger.

Listen what he said to Kompas newspaper this week: “Tak ada bukti yang memperkuat penangkapan saya. Ini bukan lagi sekedar masalah narkoba, tapi bagi saya ini sudah menghancurkan hidup saya,” Fariz said. And when the judge postponed his court, Fariz said: “Sungguh (penundaan pembacaan tuntutan-red) telah bermain-main dengan hidup orang. Saya ini kepala keluarga. Martabat yang saya bangun sekarang sudah hilang. Pekerjaan satu-satunya yang saya miliki juga hilang. Saya merasa benar-benar telah dirampas kemerdekaaan sebagai warga negara Indonesia”.

May God open his heart, judge heart. *

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