Lullaby from Violinist Idris Sardi

Idris Sardi is the best violinist ever had by Indonesia. He has several albums and one of them was noted as one of 150 Best Indonesia Album by Rolling Stones (Indonesia) magazine on December 2007. This album entitled Nina Bobo is interpretated by singer Lies Embarsary and arranger Zainal Arifin with his band Zainal Combo. Nina Bobo is Indonesian lullaby. The very young Idris Sardi played as guest musician. If you notice personal skill of Idris Sardi, you will soon recognize his presence after hearing this album a few second. *

Album : Nina Bobo
Artist : Lies Embarsari
Band : Zainal Combo, under direction Zainal Arifin
Guest musician: Idris Sardi (violin)
Publisher : Remaco, no date
Liner note : Rachman A

Track list
1. Nina Bobo
2. Ole-ole Bandung
3. Burung Kaka Tua
4. Sepasang Mata Bola
5. Waktu Hujan Sore-sore
6. O Ina Nikeke
7. Auto A.P.D.
8. Tandjung Tjina

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