Thriller, The Phenomenon

Michael Jackson is an other phenomenon in music industry. When I was 20-ies and only like experimental music (such as Red Buddha Theatre, Flairk, Popol Vuh), I did not like pop-music-like-Michael Jackson. But after watching movie entitled Moon Walker, I become admirer for Michael Jackson, especially for his dancing-like-moon-walking. Later, I can appreciate his pop music after hearing his song Little Suzie.

In my collections, I have a long playing by Michael Jackson entitled Thriller. I bought this album in Makati City Manila 1996. I realized later that this album is one of his valuable album. Wikipedia noted that Thriller was a gigantic hit that made Jackson the seminal icon of American culture at the time. Quoting Wikipedia, Jackson released a special 25th anniversary edition of Thriller, Thriller 25 in 2008, featuring a music video DVD and bonus remixes by contemporary artists such as and Kanye West.*

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  • sani puspita  On April 24, 2010 at 1:06 pm

    Saya sedang mencari piringan hitam michael jackson..
    Bagaimana saya bisa mendapatkan piringan hitam ini dan berapa harganya.terima kasih.

    Album Michael Jackson masih bisa ditemukan di kios ph bekas di pasar Taman Puring atau Jalan Surabaya. (Kelik)

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