Waldjinah Signature

Waldjinah is a living legend as a traditional Javanesse singer. She is a leading artist in tembang Jawa genre (including keroncong) and a prolific one in releasing albums — long playing, cassete and cd. This album entitled Walang Kekek is one of the important albums. Walang Kekek is a traditional song composed by un-recognized name. This song is popularized by Waldjinah, and that’s why this song is usually identified as her signature.

Listening to this album, let me to note this album is very classical and well orchrestated. But if you don’t have a passion to tembang Jawa as if you don’t have passion to classical music, you will be boring soon. Imagine that almost songs running with slow tempo and no such progress or suspense. Comparing to pop, tembang Jawa has longer duration. One song needs 4 to 6 minutes.

For me, to enjoy tembang Jawa better to serve our self without any intention. It’s like to hear ambient music. Just play the music, and you need no to fully pay attention to the music. You can enjoy the music, while reading a book, or surfing on the computer. Although tembang Jawa is a very local music, but Waldjinah is famous not only in Indonesia. She ever made musical tour to Suriname, Netherlands, and Japan, *


Artist: Waldjinah
Album: Walang Kekek
Band: Orkes Kerontjong Bintang Surakarta
Publisher: Elshinta, no date

Track list
Side one:
1. Jen ing Tawang (Andjar Ari)
2. Walang Kekek (n.n.)
3. Tjengkir Wungu (Sutjipto)

Side two:
1. Nemahi (Gesang)
2. Nawala (Gesang)
3. Rahaju (Gesang)
4. Lara Mendut (Munadi)

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