Eighties Zone and Lack of Perspective

One of Indonesia television channels METRO TV last night, 2 March 2008, aired the first debut of Zona 80, musical programme featuring music and it’s musicians who are popular in 1980-ies. The artists last night: Dedy Dukun, Ikang Fauzie, Iis Sugianto, Sys NS, ect.

As a concept for musical programme in television, it is likely to be appreciated. Since almost all television channels these days feature monotonous music such pop-music-like-Kangenist. With featuring music from 1980-ies which was marked by what the so called progressive pop, Metro TV has made a right choice. Because METRO TV as television channel actually has a segmented viewers, they are 40 years old people and more.

But unfortunately this programme is lack of perspective. This programme is only featuring something entertaining for ears and eyes in it’s verbal term. There is no such cultural or historical perspective. It’s just playing old music by old singer but with new instrument and new musicians. That’s all. Look, when Ikang Fauzie try to tell his history, the host cut off Ikang speech to an other topic.

Let me talk about Ikang. Actually, he has a big talent as a composer if we reffer to his song Cahaya Kencana, from album Lomba Cipta Lagu Remaja Prambors 1979. This album is a compilation from a competition for composing song which was held by a well-known radio station in Indonesia, Prambors. Cahaya Kencana is truly a well crafted progressive pop song. I mentioned it as progressive, because this song used “sophisticated” achords, comparing to Koes Plus song which usually used three key chords. But unfortunately that so far until now Ikang did not compose a song better than Cahaya Kencana. What happen to you Mr. Ikang “Marissa Haque” Fauzie?*

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