Composer Chaken M Dies

Indonesia composer Chaken M dies on 4 March 2008 in Cikini Hospital central Jakarta. In a press conference in the office of President Jakarta, President of Indonesia Republic Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono expressed his condolance. “Saya mengucapkan bela sungkawa. Saya mendapat berita saudara Chaken, salah satu seniman kita pencipta lagu Indonesia Jaya meninggal dunia hari ini. Kita kehilangan seorang seniman,” Yudhoyono said as quoted by He is likely impressed by Chaken song as he said: “Indonesia Jaya akan terjadi di negeri yang kita cintai ini.”

Chaken M (60 years old) is Indonesia pop song composer. He composed several songs for any singer, and sometime for competition. Song entitled Indonesia Jaya which was interpretated by a prominent singer Harvey Maleholo is the most popular among Chaken’ compositions. But unfortunately, we don’t have a detail data about his works. So far he stayed with his family in Bekasi, small town near Jakarta (Jalan Pontianak I nomor 132 perumahan Naga Mas, Jaka Mulya Bekasi).

When Mr. Yudhoyono launched his album Rinduku Padamu on October 2007, Chaken M came to that launching moment. Mr. Yudhoyono even gave him some supporting donation for his medication. Chaken suffered from stroke several years ago, and he has no such sufficient fund to get medication. Finally, Indonesia has a President who gives a deep concern to composer life. *

Note: One of Chaken M songs entitled Senja Merah was interpretated by a singer Tina Sanusi. Check it out from album 12 Bintang Idola Part Two (Malyda & Deddy Dhukun – “Aku Jadi Bingung”) published by Harpa Record, 12, 1989.

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