Julius Herrmann Marches for Europe

Don’t listen to this album, if you have no desire to history. This is about march, a genre music which is not popular, although some classic music composers such as Richard Strauss and Richard Wagner composed some compositions for march.

This long playing is an album entitled Salute to Europe by The Duetschmeister Band under conductor Julius Herrmann (1889-1977). According to Encyclopedia of Austria, Julius Herrman from Vienna is a conductor and band leader. He played under W. Wacek with Hochmeister and Deutschmeister at the age of 21. After The World War I Julius took over the band and remained its leader for 65 years.

This album is unique, because it compiled 12 march songs from many Europe countries. I suppose that this compilation is a such business strategy in selling march songs, since it is not pop music. Thru compilation, it attracted listeners from over Europe. *

Album : Salute to Europe
Artist : The Deutschmeister Band, conducted by Julius Herrmann
Publisher: Westminster (Satellite Series) – a subsidiary of ABC Record, New York

Track list:
1.Hungarian march
2.Belgian march
3.Volga march
4.Oldstarhemberg march
5.Prince Eugene march
6.Steinreigler march
7.Subaltern march
8.Tiroler Adler
10. Austrian peasant march
11. Auersperg march
12. Archduke Frederick march

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