Bung Karno Djaja Song

Bung Karno (1901-1970) was the first President of Indonesia. As a President from 1945 to 1967, Sukarno — it is his real name — has personal gimmick: charming face, great orator, and charismatic. This album by singer Onny Surjono is special, because one of it’s song entitled Bung Karno Djaja. This album is supposed to be released on the beginning of 1960. I don’t know how many singers sing with Bung Karno theme during his life time. But in this modern era (about 1979), we can listen to song by Kelompok Kampungan under direction Bram Makahekum who sang about Bung Karno with pride. *


Artist: Onny Surjono
Album: Siapa?
Band: Orkes Mus K. Wirya
Publisher: Remaco

Track list
Side one:
1. Burung Berkitjau
2. Perahu Mojang
3. Tak Kan Ingkar Djandji
4. Kisah di Perdjalanan

Side two:
1. Siapa
2. Achrinja
3. Surat Kedua
4. Bung Karno Djaja

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  • Bung Tris  On March 18, 2009 at 6:50 am

    This album was released in 1965. All of the eight songs —composed by the band leader, Mus. K. Wirya— were so popular, mostly the Bung Karno Djaya (the original label printing), when Bung Karno was on the top of his power.

    The second song on side one is not Perahu Mojang (ancestor’s boat), but Perahu Majang (small boat shaped like “majang/mayang” or coconut bloom). And the fourth must be Kasih di Perjalanan (Kasih Diperdjalanan, the original spelling) instead of Kisah di Perdjalanan. The second song on side two is Achirnja.

    Warm regards for Bung Kelik.

    Thank you Bung Tris. I hope we can talk more each other later on. (Kelik)

  • Bung Tris  On March 19, 2009 at 2:29 am

    Some songs “dedicated” to Bung Karno in that era:

    – Bersuka Ria (composed by Bung Karno himself), sung
    by “Suara Bersama” (Titiek Puspa, Nien, Rita Zaharah, and Bing
    Slamet), with Orkes Irama accompaniment lead by Jack Lesmana;
    – Untuk PJM Presiden Sukarno, sung by Lilis Surjani;
    – Bung Karno Djaya (Mus. K. Wirya) by Onny Surjono;
    – Dirgahaju Bung Karno (Wedhasmara) by Rossy;
    – Tjapailah Bintang Dilangit (Wedhasmara), Rossy,
    – Lima Azimatku (Wedhasmara), Rossy as well.

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