Anti-Superpowers Song

For Indonesians, a singer, composer and actress Lilis Surjani (1948-2007) reminds them to the song Gang Kelintji. This album is with no title. It consists of qualified songs, if not to say her best hits. Although it features her signature Gang Kelintji, but personally I notice song entitled Pantun Djenaka. It reflects political landscape in early Indonesia history.

Read this lyric:

Kalau kita djalan ke Antjol
Hati-hati banjak hantunja
Selama Nekolim masih bertjokol
Rusak perdamaian dunia

According to Wikipedia, in the 1950’s, Sukarno increased his ties to China and admitted more communists into his government. He also began to accept increasing amounts of Soviet bloc military aid. This aid, however, was surpassed by military aid from the Eisenhower Administration, which worried about a leftward drift should Sukarno rely too much on Soviet bloc aid. However, Sukarno increasingly attempted to forge a new alliance called the “New Emerging Forces”, as a counter to the old superpowers, whom he accused of spreading “Neo-Colonialism, Colonialism and Imperialism” (NEKOLIM).

Along her career, Lilis has 27 solo albums, 3 duet albums, 3 compilation albums, and 4 movies (book Musisiku, KPMI,2007). She has emotional ties with former President Sukarno, as can be read from her several songs which supported Sukarno’s pilitical agenda, such as agenda against what the so called the Superpowers, or anti-Malaysia agenda. *

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  • Henkden Toom  On December 12, 2008 at 7:32 pm

    i’m listening to her warna warni album and i put it on my own blogspot.
    What an incredible voice!!! i love, love, love this music!!!!

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