The Secret and Nightnoise

Reading a book entitled The Secret written by Rhonda Byrne (2006), we know that music is one of sources for what the so called positive energy. One composition which showed me that wisdom virtually is a composition by Night Noise entitled Snow on High Ground. This composition is very touching, very heartful, very spiritual, very magic. May be you can not imagine if you don’t listen to this composition yet. Listening to the music is the only way to catch all the sweetness of music.

I say that this composition is very spiritual, because it made me moving from one level to an other level of psycho-maturity. I remember a spritualist Anthony de Mello ever said in his book that spirituality is about changing yourself to be wiser. Snow on High Ground from Nightnoise is such music that transformed such spirituality.

Nightnoise was a music ensemble from Ireland (1984-1997). Their original blend of celtic, jazz and classical chamber music inspired generation of Irish musicians. Their seven albums were mostly released by Windham Hill record. The song Snow on High Ground is from album At The End of the Evening (1988). Johnny Cunninghamm (violonist) and Micheal O Dohmnaill (guitarist and pianist) from this chamber died young (qouted partly from Wikipedia). May God bless them. *

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