Batak’s Lullaby

Some Batak people have a contribution to the development of Indonesia music from the very beginning. Batak is one of Indonesia’s ethnics, and Sitompul is one of it’s fam names. This album by Tiga Dara Sitompul entitled Riang is one of it’s evidence. This trio vocalists consists of Rika, Nessy and Mona. A Composer P. Sitompul was supposed to have a close ties with this trio vocalist.

Some songs from this album such as Riang, Historia D’un Amor, and Tidurlah Bujung are likely to be appreciated. The arrangement for vocal by this trio is undeniable very superb. This is their strongness, beside it’s likeable songs. Arrangement by prominent pianist Bubi Chen is an other magic. Tidurlah Bujung (Sleep my baby) is likely to be appreciated, because lullaby song is something important in daily life for every human in this global village. *


Artist : Tiga Dara Sitompul
Band : Bubi Chen
Album : Riang
Composers : P. Sitompul, Titik Puspa, Faried.
Producer : Irama
Liner note : Sjaiful Nawas


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