Dangdut-Arabian’s A. Kadir

This album entitled Pengembara by various Indonesian singers is an other evidence that dangdut, one of Indonesia music genre derived from Melayu music, was influenced by traditional Arabian music. Some of singers in this album at least have Arabian blood. And if we pay attention to accent of singer especially A. Kadir, we will find that A. Kadir’s accent is such rooted from tilawah (Quran reading tradition). But if we pay attention to to the lyric, we will know that dangdut from the very beginning mostly talking about poverty and God’s pity. *


ALbum : Pengembara
Artists : A. Kadir, A. Rafiq, Ida Laila ect
Band : Orkes Melaju Sinar Kemala, under direction A. Kadir
Arrangers : A. Kadir, Soejanto, Malik BZ, Fauzi, and so on.
Producer : J&B Record
Liner note: Charishadi Pranjoto

Track list
Side one:
1. Pengembara (Fauzi) — A. Kadir
2. Keluh si Miskin (A. Kadir) — Ida Laila
3. Djauh Berbeda (S. Achmadi) — A. Kadir
4. Kekuasaan Tuhan (S. Achmadi) –Ida Laila

Side two:
1. Kisah yang Sedih (A. Rafiq) — A. Rafiq
2. Peristiwa yang Silam (S. AChmad) — Nur Kumala
3. Hidup Baru (A. Kadir) — A. Kadir
4. Keadilan Tuhan (A. Malik BZ) — Nur Kumala

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