Never Give Up Mus Mujiono

Mus Mujiono (48) is a composer, musician and singer. As musician, this man from Surabaya is a multi-instrumentalist and very well-known as guitarist. His mouth can imitate the sounds of guitar while playing guitar. Exercised with this skill (scating), some people called Mus Mujiono as Indonesia George Benson (Read also Wikipedia Indonesia).

His career as artist began when he joined a pop band De Hands. After disbanded, Mus Mujiono goes his solo career, beside join some temporary band such as Jakarta Power Band, Funk Section (1995), Canizzaro (2004), and A-Dhu band (2008).

If we trace back to his old works with De Hands, like some songs from long playing album Hallo Sayang (Hello Darling), we see that Mus Mujiono always made progress from time to time. He moved from very pop music like Halo Sayang song to more progressive like Tanda-tandanya and jazzy like Arti Kehidupan. And this song Arti Kehidupan is likely his signature song. *

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