Europe Taste of Massada

Some Indonesian musicians are popular in Europe, but not very popular in Indonesia. Slamet Abdul Sjukur, Tonny Prabowo and Tri Sutji Kamal are mere examples from avant garde genre. While Discus is an other example from proggressive rock.

Massada is an other jazz-latin-ethnic band from Maluku, referring to Johnny Manuhutu fam. Johnny is lead vocalist for this band, and wrote some songs. The name Massada is searchable in internet, but not findable in well-known websites, such as Wikipedia, Britanica, or Indonesia commercial media.

Massada recorded in Netherland studio and released their album in long play format since 1979-ies. It is something unusual for Indonesia musicians in that time. Over all this album shows Massada’s international standard for their skill and taste in music, comparing to mostly Indonesian musicians taste in eighties.

This album entitled Pusaka consists of 8 songs. The lyrics used English languages in certain songs, and ethnic language in other songs. Some songs are jazz-latin-fusion, and some other songs are folk and ethnic. It’s mean that though they released long play in Netherland, Massada still promote Indonesian culture. *

Track list

Artist : Massada
Album : Pusaka
Publisher : The Company of the Two P(i)eter B.V., Hillersum, England, April/Mei 1980, for Kendari Record.
Musicians :
Johnny Manuhutu (vocal)
Eppy Manuhutu (drum)
Zeth Mastumu (percussion)
Nina Latuny (rhythm guitar)
Rudy de Qoeljoe (accoustic guitar)
Truv Leerdam (bass)
Walther Sell (keyboard, prophet 5, clarinet, fendher rhodes, minimoog
Peterr Kyl (trumpet)
Jan Stam: sax, flute

Side one:
1.Tumbu (DE Quljoe)
2.Akar Bahar (idem)
3.Discrime (Leerdam ect)
4.Feelin’ Lonely (J. Manuhutu)

Side two:
1.I never had love like this before (Eppy and Johnny Manuhutu)
2.Ibu dari Adzal-ku (Mustamu)
3.Toto Buang Tomah (J. Manuhutu)
4.Sajang e (J. Manuhutu/D. Qoeljoe)

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  • chev  On February 17, 2009 at 8:42 am

    seneng nemu review MASSADA…saya nemu versi kaset (“bajakan resmi”) dari AQUARIUS (38067)…


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