Museum for Long Playings, Why Not

One of Indonesia television channels ANTV airs a programme entitled Berbagi Cerita (Sharing Stories) every Saturday. On 5 April 2008, they featured some museums in Indonesia, such as Museum Kretek (Museum for Cigarettes), Museum Kereta Api (Train), even Museum Makam (Cemetery). This programme attracts viewers like me not because it’s host Irfan Hakim, but because it’s content is really unique and inspiring — like Irfan Hakim tags.

But what makes me curious so far, is there a museum for recorded music? Is there museum for long playing? The record industry owned by government Lokananta once ever opened it’s door for public to show their products and later become their long play collections on August 2006, but what’s next? Who cares to this long play Puspa Ragam by Thung Boen Liong which was not published by Lokananta any way? I think we need a museum for recorded music, even a data base for Indonesian musicians. This blog I think is such kind of that effort. Do you support my idea? *

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  • madrotter  On July 24, 2010 at 3:14 pm

    I agree!!! all of this incredible music is quickly disapearing, either it’s sold and taken out of the country or it’s just being thrown away, it’s such a shame! ask anybody, who was titim fatimah? and they don’t know. Who was Zaenal Arifin? they have no idear yet people like this have made incredibly beautiful music and had a big influence on the folks that came after them and I think all this music is an important part of the Indonesian National Treasure! Love your site by the way:)

  • hengki  On September 22, 2010 at 3:55 pm

    We are have the same interest. Last year I started to build music museum in Malang called Galeri Malang Bernyanyi. Until now the numbers of collection nearly 4.000 pieces including cassette, vinyl, cd, vcd, books, magazine and any other material related with music. Please see our facebook Malang Bernyanyi. Thanks a lot.

  • henk madrotter  On February 24, 2011 at 6:50 am

    i’m in malang on a regular base working for yayasan bhakti luhur, handicapped children. i would really love to visit that place!!!!!

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