Debating on Creative Pop

In one episode of Zona 80, musical programme in Metro TV on April 2008, they feature Tujuh Bintang, a seven Indonesian vocalist group. Since this group consists of prominent musicians like Fariz RM, Mus Mujiono, Trie Utami, Deddy Dhukun and so on, so they got their popularity, although they just release one album Jangan Menambah Dosa.

In an other session, they talk about the term “creative pop” (pop kreatif). This term was created by music journalist (Denny Sakrie, or Seno M. Hardjo) as supposed by some one in that programme. But Deddy Dhukun has his term for the so called creative pop. “For me it is pop with progression,” Deddy said in television.

I think Deddy Dhukun is right. The term creative pop is biased. But it is proper to distinguish the good pop from the poor one like Obbie Mesakhist music. So the term creative pop is very temporary term, and very local term. The term progressive pop I think is the most proper to label the so called creative pop. Are you aggree? *


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