Spiritual Path of Ugo Haryono

Ugo Haryono, 59 years old,  is a painter and a lecturer in Institut Kesenian Jakarta. But actually he has a signature in writing song. He even won a song witing competition which was managed by Prambors Jakarta, one of radio channels in Jakarta. Two songs from Ugo Haryono entitled Melati Putih di Waktu Malam, and O Bunga Anggrek were among ten songs selected in an album entitled Lomba Cipta Lagu Remaja Prambors Rasisonia 1977. Among other composers are james F. Sundah, and Junaedi Salat.

Unfortunately, most of composers who won this such competition (LCLR) did not become popular, as the singers who interpretated their songs. Fortunately, Ugo Haryono has an other personal skill as a painter and lecturer, so people can search his name from internet, because Taman Ismail Marzuki, an art center in Jakarta, wrote his profile. 

But for followers of Tawakal, a spritual comunity in Indonesia, Ugo Haryono is a well known. Tawakal magazine in it’s 11/2006 edition wrote Ugo profile and his spritual experience. The image in this post is copied from Tawakal magazine. May be Ugo is not as popular as Ahmad Dani (Dewa 19), or Mely Goeslaw (Potret), but he is a composer. If he wants, he can recycle his songs into a new album, or even religious album. *     


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