Gambus Composer from Batavia


Ahmad Vad’aq is one of Indonesia composers who was recognized in 70-ies as gambus musician. He made several gambus albums, like Munajah (long play suquels from the first to the third). He recorded also cassette album for Lokananta, Surakarta, recording industry which is owned by government. Vad’aq also ever composed song for singer Rhoma Irama, the so called Raja Dangdut.


I have ever talked with Ahmad Vad’aq in 1999 thru telephone, intending for long interview for weekly magazine. But I can not finish thay my intention until now. Forgive me Mr. Vad’aq for my laziness. And now I remember Mr Vad’aq again after I get one of his long playing entitled Munadjah 3. Thank God that finally I can hear, taste and enjoy the composition of a very humble gambus composer Mr. Vad’aq.


Truly his compositions are closed to Egypt musical standard as we can hear from biggest diva in the history Ummi Qulstum songs. His compositions are classical in arrangement, rhythm and lyrics. His lyrics are mostly for religious purpose. I can’t imagine, how Mr. Vad’ad learn that such foreign music until he can be a master in this Egypt music.

In 1997, Suara Pembaruan wrote that Gus Dur (before he became a President) invited Mr. Vad’aq to perform one song with his El Badr Orchestra. It means that Gus Dur, the man who has a deep appreciation in music – such as Beethoven composition, give a special appreciation for Mr. Vad’aq. May God bless you, Mr. Vad’q. Allah yarham. *



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  • syedalwi  On November 26, 2008 at 4:59 am

    i want to buy one . can you get me acopy or have it copied in the form of CD?

  • rizal  On March 9, 2010 at 2:49 pm

    bisa minta lagune Ahmad Vad’aq,,,,

  • serumpun  On March 13, 2010 at 6:17 am

    I have a copy of Achmad Vad’aq album At-Talbiyah with the series number LOKANANTA RECORDS BR1-010.This album contains 8 songs. The singers on this album such as Musjrifah Thohir ,Latifah Achmad ,Wardah Achmad ( maybe his daughters ) and himself.The whole songs are in Arabic language.I’m Malaysian but it doesn’t matter to collecting Indonesian albums ( LP).It’s my hobby.

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