Rainbow from AT Mahmud

This long play contains songs which were composed by AT Mahmud, Indonesian composer who is famous for his childrens songs. For me, there are at least two hit songs: Bis Kota, and Pelangi (Rainbow). In this long play, we can hear old version of Bis Kota, since this song later interpretated by young famous Tasya in album entitled Gembira Berkumpul (Sony BMG Record, 2005). The song entitled Pelangi is not only a hit song, but also one of AT Mahmud masterpieces, because it is sung by million of childrens and their parents untill this day. *

Album: Awan Putih

Artist: Paduan Suara SD JBDK, Salemba X, Jakarta

Band: Quintet Puspa Djelita

Composer: AT Mahmud

Producer: Aneka record

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