The Polka King is Here


The music in this album is like polka music by The Six Fat Dutchmen, but without a big drums. It’s like classic polka. Telling about this album, it’s better for me to quote some notes from the album cover.

Herry Harden, often called “The Polka King” by music critics as well as by legions of dancing fans, come naturally by his feeling for the polka. He was born in Czechoslovakia, where the polka is looked upon almost as the national dance. Prior to coming to US some years ago, Herry had made over two thousands phonograph records with his orchestra in Europe, where he obtained his degree in music.

Harden’s acceptance in US has been complete as it was in Europe, where he made many tours and won many awards for polka music. He is an extremly prolific Decca recording artist; has appeared on such nationally radio programs. As composer, Harden has to his credit over 400 original compositions. He has served as music consultant on many occasions for music publishers, radio producers, recording companies, and others.

In addition to photography, Harden’s hobbies include driving his car for hours and hours in the country. “The rythm of motor,” claims Herry, “is a perfect and often inspiration for composing polka music. Believe it or not, a great many of my compositions were conceived and some time even jotted down when I was leisurely guiding a car throuhg a sunny afternoon.” *


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