Neo-Rinto Harahap

Rinto Harahap is well-known as pop Indonesian composer. But frankly I have to say that his songs are closed to poor pop of Obbie Mesakh. Fortunately that later Rinto make any music project that show his passion to music as an art expression. Look at album enttitled Grenek (Musica, 2001). In this album, Rinto works as producer, music director, composer and singer. Ethnomusicologist Rizaldi Siagian is engaged as music director and composer.

This album is not only about ethnic or folk music, but about experimental project of Rinto Harahap. He makes a big loop from pop music to ethnic music, or world music if we reffer to Peter Gabriel term. Grenek as explained in the album cover is a term in traditional music of Melayu Deli (Sumatera, Indonesia). It is not clear, whether Grenek is a name of a band or a new genre. This album consists of 9 songs, mostly sounded Melayu Deli nuanse with it’s accent, tabla, and harmonium.

Rinto has made his progression with this experimental album. Actualy he has a big talent in music, as also can be traced to his daughter talent, Cindy Claudia Harahap, who has an album entitled Aku Sayang Kamu (Boulevard record), and then become hit. So Grenek is truly collectible album if we want to notice Rinto Harahap story. *

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