Appreciating Heroism Songs

Rachmat Kartolo is Indonesian singer who was popular in 1960-ies. He lived in the era of solo singer trend. His signature song is Patah Hati (Broken Heart), a mellow and melodramatic song. But in this album, there are 5 songs which are very different theme. He sang about the beauty of Indonesia landscape, about a message from the battle field, and message from a hero. And fortunately, he sang also Sepasang Mata Bola, a heroism song composed by a legend composer Ismail Marzuki.

Indonesian nasionalists should appreciate those such songs, as later popularized by Koes Plus, a pop group who sang the sequels Nusantara, or Gombloh with his songs like Kebyar-kebyar, or Cokelat with it’s songs like Merah Putih. Look at Mr. President Yudhoyono who appreciates Indonesia Jaya song composed by Chaken M. *

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