The Sadness of Yiddish Music

Israelist music? Or Yiddish music? Even old folk Yuddish music? For Indonesians, it’s difficult to imagine, because Israelist music in cassete or cd format is not available in their country. But here, in this blog, you can at least see the image of legend singer in Israel. He is Benzion Witler.

Truly it is about music, it is about human being, no politics here, although I write this commentary during Israel’s celebration for it’s 60 years declaration. If you listen to this album, you will be sad, because the atmosphere of all songs sounded very sad. Did sadness and music tie human being relation? Only one song entitled Ales Farloyren sounded melodious, catchy with litle bit fast tempo. Come on reading this summary from the cover album.

Who is Benzion Witler? He, born in Belz, Poland, grew up in the traditional atmosphere of the famous Belzer Hayf (The “court” of Rabbi of Belz) where the young boy acquired his fundamentals to become later a versatile actor and one of the best interpreters of the Yiddish song. At the age of 15, he left for Vienna, and only a few years passed and Witler was the most demanded Star on the Yiddish scene as one of the finest Yiddish actors and unrivalled Troubadour of the Yiddish song. * 

  • Track list:
  • Artist: Benzion Witler and “Herd Arzi” Orchestra, arranger and conductor Marcel Kreisler
  • Album: Lomir Ale Freilich Sein
  • Produced: Herd-Arzi Ltd, Israel, no date


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