Heroism of Guruh “Swara Mahardhika”

Zona 80, musical programme of METRO TV Indonesia (May, 11, 2008), features Indonesian composer Guruh Soekarno Putra and Swara Mahardhika, vocalists and dancers group. In 80-ies, Guruh and Swara Mahardhika are among the most popular icons in Indonesia music stage. Even Guruh made his monumental project with Guruh Gipsy, musical album which was acclaimed as the highest achievement of Indonesian music all the time.

In Zona 80, Guruh talks that Swara Mahardhika is vocalists group who are indoctrinized by Indonesian nationalism. They are not only trained to have highest skill in vocal and coreography skill but also have nationalism. They have to appreciate Pancasila as truly fundamental principles in their daily life. Swara Mahardhika with it’s nationalism is some thing different in Indonesia history.

In later session, Guruh talks about Melati Suci song. This song is dedicated to his mother Ibu Fatmawati, wife of former President Soekarno. When Guruh was still arranging the music with musician Chandra Darusman, Ibu Fatmawati who was in Mecca called Guruh and told that she dreams seeing a paradise. After Melati Suci song released, Ibu Fatmawati passed away. Melati Suci is one of  Guruh’ masterpieces. *

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