Garin Made Documentaries for Indomusic

Finally movies director Garin Nugroho (Indonesia) made 10 movie documentaries on the history of Indonesian music. Those documentaries was supposed to be aired on Astro Awani channel, television cable owned by Malaysian, during this May 2008. This programme is cited to celebrate 100 years of the Awakening of Indonesian nationalism.

This blog endorse any such effort to document any material to trace the history of Indonesian music. Music is creative heritage which we can not reserve it yet well. So any effort to write or to document the history of Indonesian music should be endorsed.

And dear readers, allow me here to memorize you an album enteitled Indonesia’s Top 10 ’89, a compilation by various artist such as Elfa, Superdigi Fariz RM, and Indonesia 6. But frankly I have to say a reason behind this post is because Ayu Laksmi, a singer from Denpasar Bali. Ayu Laksmi and his sister Ayu Wedayanti were closed to some journalists, including this blog host. We don’t find yet a single album released by Ayu Laksmi until now, so this album as well as an album entitled Catatan Si Boy (2) are important to notice Ayu Laksmi works. Check out song Hello Sobat composed by Harry Sabar  which was interpretated by Ayu Laksmi. *

Track list

Album: Indonesia’s Top 10 ’89

Side one:

1. Kau Kasihku (Tony Sianipar) — Elfa’s Singer

2. Kencana (Dadung/Fariz RM) — Superdigi)

3. Kesan pertama (Dadang S.M.) — Didi Bofa

4. Saat Kuterjaga (Oktariadi, Ferina) — Ferina, Iwan

5. Tentang Kita (Katon, Lilo) — Kla Project (extended version)

Side two:

1. Night in Barcelona (Fariz RM) — Fairuz, Superdigi

2. UM Samba (Indonesia 6) — Indonesia 6

3. Tak Selalu Gemilang (Didi AGP) — Ayu Laksmi

4. Benang-benang Asmara (Elfa, Wieke Guru) — Harvey, Lita

5. Satu Selalu di Hatiku (Oktariadi, Ferina) — Ferina

Publisher: Team record, 1989

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