The Blessed Composer: Gesang

Indonesian composer Gesang, 90 years old, is the blessed composer. In his youngster, he was not as popular as to day. And may be he lived poor. But now, he got any royalties and donation from his fans especially from Japan. On May 26, The Association of Indonesia-Japan Friendship gave donation to maintain Taman Gesang, a park to celebrate Gesang works, in Solo middle Java.

Koji Kawano, a member of Association, quoted saying (as interviewed by TVONE) that the donation is such appreciation for the composer. Taman Gesang was built 25 years ago and not well maintained because a lack of fund. Gesang is popular in Japan, because his song Bengawan Solo was used as sound track for one of Japanesse movie.  Bengawan Solo was composed at 1940, before Japanesse military occupy Indonesia. * 

Track list

Album: Lagu-lagu pilihan karya Gesang
Artist: Gesang and Mini Satria
Publisher: Gema Nada Pertiwi, 1982

Side one:
1. Wawancara dengan pak Gesang (1982)
2. Bengawan Solo — Mini Satria (1940)
3. Kr. SI Piatu — Mini Satria (1938)
4. Bumi Emas Tanah Airku — Gesang (1963)
5. Tirtonadi — Mini Satria (1942)

Side two:
1. Kr. Roda Dunia — Mini Satria (1939)
2. Dunia Berdamai — Mini Satria (1942)
3. Kalung Mutiara — Mini Satria (1972)
4. Indonesia Merdeka — Mini Satria (?)
5. Jembatan Merah — Mini satria (1943)

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