The Biography of Titik Puspa?


Talking Indonesian singer and composer Titik Puspa is likely not special. Why? Because everything about her was over exposed. Even this living legend still active in her 70 years old some. The celebration for her 70 years birthday was a big concert. But is that enough to appreciate her works and dedication? It is supposed that the answer is “not yet enough”. For life time dedication of Titik Puspa, some body should write her biography as Chrisye and Bimbo. Who will take initiation for this?

Relating to this post, let me remind you this album entitled Pita by Titik Puspa (Irama Record, 1966). This album contains many songs, but no one sounds cachty for my ear. What makes this album  noticable, because it contains a song entitled Untuk Adikku Arif Rachman Hakim. Arif Rachman Hakim is cited a young martyr among students who protested to the Old Order administration in 1966 for normalizing the price of basic need materials, such as rice and oil. *

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  • Titik Puspa  On February 3, 2009 at 8:29 am

    Thank you…..

    Kalau bener njenengan mbak Titik, matur nuwun kerso pinarak wonten in

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