Old School of Bram Aceh

Bram Aceh is one of old school Kerontjong singers. Sam Saimun is among his generation. Bram Aceh is grand father of Harvey Malaiholo, a prominent pop Indonesian singer in 90-ies. What makes keroncong songs are unique, because some of them used name of places as song titles. For example, Pasar Gambir. Listening to this album, we as the later generation, can recognize the old school voice of Bram Aceh, which may be not special but unique, and rock-style-timbre. Pardon me if it is not proper. Thank to Gema Nada Pertiwi, publisher who mentions datas of old songs, it’s composer names, and it’s date of composing. *  


Track list

Track list

Album: Pasar Gambir

Artist: Bram Aceh

Band: Orkes Keroncong Senja Ayu, under direction K. Soemardi

Publisher: Gema Nada Pertiwi, 1989


Side one:

  1. Pasar Gambir (?, 1930)
  2. Schoon Ver Van You (NN, 1910)
  3. Bunga Anggrek (NN, 1910)
  4. Mawar sekuntum (Sapari, 1950)
  5. Salabintana (NN, 1955)
  6. Rayuan Kelana (Sapari, 1960)
  7. Gema Irama (Sapari, 1960)


Side two:

  1. Kr. Moritsku (NN, 1930)
  2. Di Bawah Sinar Bulan Purnama (Maladi, 1940)
  3. Telomoyo (NN, 1930)
  4. Hanya Engkau (H. Abdul Gani, 1960)
  5. Terkenang-kenang (Sariwono, 1950)
  6. Sampai Menutup Mata (Mus K Wirya, 1960)
  7. Tanah Airku (Kelly Puspito, 1960)



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