The Tragedy of Titik Hamzah

For some Indonesians, Titik Hamzah may be a living legend. His rock group band Dara Puspita was popular in 60-ies and made tours to Europe. As composer and singer, Titik Hamzah still publish music album until 80-ies.  According to music jopurnalist Bens Leo, Titik Hamzah ever composed a song entitled Jelita which became among Ten Best in Festival Lagu Pop Nasional 1979. And Siksa won Grand Prix prize in Festival Lagu Pop Nasional 1981.

In 1981, Titik Hamzah released an album entitled Tragedi (Tragedy) which published by Jackson record. This album consists of 10 songs which are composed mostly by Titik Hamzah. Other composers are Ian Antono (Balada Sejuta Wajah, and Cukong Tua) and Rachman A (Surabaja). Five songs are supposed to be hits, such as Tragedi, Siksa, Surabaya, Cukong Tua, and Kembara di Tepi Senja.

In 1984, Titik Hamzah produced an album entitled Cinta dan Kedamaian (Love and Peace). All songs composed by Titik Hamzah, and interpretated by singers Harvey Maleholo and Tina. Some musicians  engaged as arrangers are Addie MS, Widya, and Ian Antono. Super rock group God Bless is engaged too. This album consists of 10 songs, which three of them were part of Tragedi album, such as Kembara di Tepi Senja, Cerah, Harap.

Album Cinta dan Kedamaian is such sweet pop, which is some thing different from Tragedi which sounded rock pop. May be, it is because the interpretators, and may be because the two have different concept. Tragedi is more likable to be collectors item, since it is close to Titik Hamzah signature. Bens Leo who wrote such note in the cover album said that this album is Titik Hamzah interpretation on his own works. *

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