Gombloh is Also Human

For (singer and composer) Gombloh’ admirers, they may be up set if they listen to these two albums. First, album entitled Jangan Bodoh Sayang by singer Tyas Drastitiana (Slide record, no date). In this album there are three songs composed by Gombloh: Jawaban Kugadaikan Cintaku; 1/2 Gila; Memori Sedih. The first two songs are still closed to Gombloh style as presented in Lemon Trees albums. But song Memori Sedih is very different from that Gombloh’s style. It is soft pop, if not to say poor pop.

Second album is Untukmu Kekasih by singer Vicky Vendy (Nirwana record, 1982). In this album, there are two songs composed by Gombloh: Untukmu Kekasih, and Yang Lalu Biarlah Berlalu. The first song is a soft pop with litle bit catchy melodies, but the second is such poor pop. Are these songs really composed by the Giant Gombloh? May be yes, may be not. May be yes, because Gombloh as composer actually can compose any kind of songs, including these such items. It is very easy. But why? The answer is simple: money. May be Gombloh composed those such poor songs to earn additional fee for his daily needs. Is Gombloh also human (Bukankah Gombloh juga Manusia) — quoting title song of Seurius band. *

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