A Praise for Bang Ali Sadikin

Ali Sadikin, former governor of province (DKI) Jakarta, who passed away on 20 May, 2008, was ever praised by singer Melky Goeslaw thru his song entitled Bang Ali Sadikin. Check out the first album of Melky Goeslaw, produced by Remaco, with no date releasing. There at least threes songs which are memorable, such as Satu Jumpa Satu (composed by Titik Puspa), dan Malam yang Dingin (composed by Minggus Tahitu. Bang Ali Sadikin song is soft pop with catchy melodies and blended by gambang kromong beat, an ethnic rythm.

To know more about Ali Sadikin, please read this following copied texts from daily The Jakarta Post. Ali was born in Sumedang, West Java, on July 7, 1927. He was a navy lieutenant general until president Sukarno appointed him Jakarta’s seventh governor in 1966. Popularly known as Bang Ali, he coordinated many development projects in Jakarta including the building of Taman Ismail Marzuki, Ragunan Zoo, Proyek Senen, Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, Taman Ria Monas, Taman Ria Remaja, the satellite city in Pluit, North Jakarta, and the Betawi culture preservation project in Condet.

He was responsible for the controversial policy providing nightclubs with greater freedom, allowing gambling and the construction of Kramat Tunggak for prostitution. He finished his term in 1977 and was replaced by Lt. Gen. Tjokropranolo. He received a number of awards including the Philippines’ Ramon Magsaysay. Along with a number of military retirees and businessmen, he signed a petition against Soeharto in 1980 known as the Petition of 50. *

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