Harry Roesli: Don’t Cry, Indonesia

August is the moment for Indonesians to reflect their live relating to the wealth of nation. Unfortunately, that economic condition in Indonesia now under Yudhoyono administration is not good enough — with it’s high inflation, and bad oil pricing. So, it is not time for Indonesians to celebrate “the day of Indonesia freedom” with such glamour and hyper-happy party. Indonesians still have to cry on their economic condition.

Relating to such condition, song Jangan Menangis, Indonesia (Don’t Cry, Indonesia) from album entitled LTO (Musica, 1978) is a proper anthem to sung by Indonesians. This song was composed by Harry Roesli (September 1951-Desember 2004), a prominet Indonesian composer, singer, writer, lecturer, and activist. He was graduated from Rotterdam Conservatorium, Netherland (1981). Harry live in time of otoritarian politics under New Order regime. His works mostly criticize on social and economic condition in Indonesia, especially against New Order regime.

With his band Depot Kreasi Seni Bandung, as well as his solo career, Harry ever released 23 albums (according to book Musisiku, KPMI, Republika, 2007). His music is mostly progressive-rock, some of them such blended music gamelan-rock. Although his albums were not succes commercially, but later become collector’ items. One of his best album according to this blog is Harry Roesli & DKSB (Prosound, 1984). The reason is because this album contains two compositions which are likely to categorized as contemporary music in term of Slamet Abdul Sjukur, a thinker-philosopher-composer from Indonesia.

In this August moment, please listen to song Jangan Menangis, Indonesia, and read it’s lyric:

Jangan menangis, Indonesia.
Jangan bersedih, Indonesia.
Kami berdiri membelamu pertiwi.
Janganlah menangis, Indonesia.
Apakah kau sepi, Indonesia.
Kami berjajar menjagamu Negara

Merembang air matanya, persada tercinta.
Menitik satu per satu, tandanya berduka dia sedang lara.
Kelapa yang merayu dulu, tak lagi merdu, tak terasa sejuk.
Tuhan yang Maha Kuasa.
Hentikan tangisannya.


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