The Contemporary Composer Harry Roesli (1)

This album is likely to be the best album of Harry Roesli for some music lovers who like avant garde and melodious-progressive-rock. For me, all compositions are likable because it’s melody, smart arrangement, and still sounded fresh for it’s originality. And what must be noticed, is in this album there are two compositions (Kereta dan Api, and Konser Ganda) which can be categorized as contemporary (or avant garde) music. *

Track list:

Album : Harry Roesli dan DKSB
Artist : Harry Roesli and DKSB
Publisher : Prosound record, 1980

Side A:
1. Zaman
2. Aku Cinta Kau
3. Lagu Rimba
4. Keringat
5. Halimun
6. Empat Persegi
7. Kereta dan Api

Side B:
1. Konser Ganda
2. Fajar Doa Timur Raya
3. Taring
4. Anak Desa
5. Dia Cinta Kau
6. Nada Penutup

Note: The songs were played by DKSB, STIPS, Chrone, Elly Djajusman

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