The Honesty of Utha Likumahua

Indonesian singer Utha Likumahuwa in his interview with Sonora radio station on August 2008 said that before he sing progressive pop (the Indonesians called it creative pop), he ever released two albums which were not popular. So far Utha has released 9 albums, such as Aku Pasti Datang (Jackson record, 1985) which is noticed by Rolling Stone Indonesia magazine as one of 150 Best Indonesian Album All The Time.

Utha’s name got it’s popularity when he released a single song Tersiksa Lagi from album Nada dan Irama (Granada record). In the first not popular album, one song is Hati yang Terluka which later interpretated by singer Iis Sugianto. Iis herself ever released a pop progressive album with Fariz Rustam Munaf in album entitled Selangkah ke Seberang (Pramaqua, 1979). But Iis failed to get her popularity thru this song, and become very succesful then in poor pop albums like Obbie Mesakhist’ songs such as Hati yang Terluka.  It’s funny but true. *

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  • lana  On April 2, 2010 at 7:56 am

    ada mp3 koleksinya ngg.?

    — Tidak ada MP3 di blog ini. Terima kasih.

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