Two Classic Eid el-Fithr Songs

Indonesian music lovers should be proud because they have two classic songs about Lebaran which almost became national anthem. Those two songs are Hari Lebaran (The Day of Eid el-Fithr) composed by Ismail Marzuki (published by IRAMA) and Selamat Hari Lebaran (Happy Eid el-Fithr) which was popularized by singer Oslan Hussein. Malaysia who has similarity with Indonesia in culture, tradition and religion, has also songs to celebrate Eid el-Fithr season as compiled in album entitled Ragam Hari Raya (BMG record, 1992).

Those two songs Hari Lebaran and Selamat Hari Lebaran have it’s similarity and it’s differences. Ismail Marzuki version has caricatural lyric on Lebaran celebration, meanwhile Oslan Hussein version has descriptive lyric on Lebaran celebration. Both songs were closed to pop-Latin-cha-cha-cha genre, with faster tempo for Oslan Hussein version than Ismail Marzuki version. We hope that some day there will be a major label industry who republishes these two songs in such compilation album for Lebaran season. *

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