Social Portraits from Benyamin

Finally, I know that the theme song of Yuk Ngelenong, a comedian program aired by Transtv every morning is entitled Hudjan Gerimis (The Rainy ). This song is one of 24 songs from album Steambath (Indah record, no date of releasing) by singer and composer Benyamin S. This song is truly the most cathiest song from this album and has simple and poetic lyric.

Benyamin is legend singer from Jakarta, who was also comedian, actor, composer. His songs are mostly gambrang kromong songs, a traditional Batavian song. This music is truly traditional and casual, so it is flexible to used as social critic as well as social portrait. Some songs could be used as thematic songs, such as Pengantin Sunat, Barongsay (a chinesse traditional puppets), Si Djagur and so on.

An other album entitled Nenamu by Benyamin S and singer Inneke Kusumawati (published by Radio P2SC Siliwangi, Jakarta) also full social portrait songs, such as Pengantin Baru, Nonton Misbar, Pulang Mudik, and so on. The song Pulang Mudik is proper to sung in this Lebaran season, since there are million people in Jakarta come back for while (mudik) to their village (kampong). *

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  • halo  On August 19, 2010 at 12:32 am

    bagi lagu “pulang mudik” dong udah nyari2 kgk ketemu…
    tolongin dong PLZ.

    Lagu-lagu Benyamin S banyak dirilis ulang dalam bentuk CD. Coba silakan mencek di toko Aquarius Mahakam Blok M Jakarta selatan.

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