The Rebel Musicians from University

The dangdut music group PSP (Pancaran Sinar Petromak) may be more popular among 80-ies Indonesian generation rather than Jaran Goyang, an other dangdut group which their members are students. In this album entitled Orkes Mahasiswa Jaran Goyang (published by DD, 1975), there are 14 songs. Some of them are Anak Jalanan (Guruh Sukarno Putra), Transmigran (Oni-Didik-Sigit), Bukannya (Didit), and Malioboro (Aki, Bono).

PSP members are students of Universitas Indonesia Jakarta, meanwhile Jaran Goyang members are students of Universitas Gajah Mada Yogyakarta, initially The Faculty of Architecture. Based on this different setting, these two group have their character. Jaran Goyang has more descriptive lyric and it’s theme is such advocation for grassroots and dangdut music. This mission can be read thru the song Bukannya (We are Not?): “Ini musik mereka, musik rakyat jelata, musik kita juga”. Dangdut is traditional music among grassroot people, so when students sing dangdut, it means the students who are usually from rich family, recognized dangdut as their music.

Meanwhile PSP’s lyric is humorous, satiric, parody, and social portrait. Their dangdut was actually not intended to enhance the quality of dangdut music. It was closed to parody and cynism, although their rejected this claim as can be heard from the dialogs between songs in album entitled Trio Kodok (PSP, published by DD record). “Mereka bilang kami mengkomersialisasi dangdut, memperkosa dangdut”, somebody said to oppose that opinion.

The character of their music is also little bit different. PSP is more experimental which combine several genres from classic, jazz, western with dangdut. It sounded more relax and playful. Meanwhile Jaran Goyang is closed to classic dangdut and monotonous. Whatever, at last PSP is more popular than Jaran Goyang, even PSP got a best appreciation from Rolling Stone Indonesia magazine (December, 2007) that one of PSP album entitled PSP Warung Kopi Prambors (published by DD record, 1979) became among 150 Indonesian Best Albums. *

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