The Reborn of Jogjaness Composer

Ambar Polah is a Jogjaness composer, popular in that city in early 1980. He has ever contributed three songs for album Ya Robbi by Gita Sahara Musik Muslim Universitas Islam Indonesia (Perwira record, 1983). In 1982/1983, his song entitled Yogyakarta became one of 10 best songs compiled under the title 10 lagu Terbaik Hasil Lomba Cipta Senandung Yogyakarta. (Irama Mas record, 1982-1983). These two albums are likely to be collected, because those are crafted seriously although not succes commercially.

Finally, Ambar Polah comes back in front of Jogjaness audience. On October 4, 2008, he played music with his band Pressiden Band in the park of JogjaTV, for celebrating Jogja anniversary. “This is my first appearance after 10 years disbanding,” Ambar Polah said in the television. He said also that he will release an album entitled Satu Bendera this coming January 2009. I appreciate Ambar Polah as some one who has ever give a creative atmosphere in Jogja city, my birth place. *

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