Gombloh on Radio

Gombloh is cited as one of 25 bigest Indonesian singers all the time according to Rolling Stone Indonesia magazine in it’s new edition this year. For foreigners, may be Gombloh’s name is still strange. But actually foriegners can try to taste musical works of Gombloh thru this album On Radio (GL record). Gombloh translated his song Di Radio, into english version. This album is such compilation of various singers such as Memory of Bangkok (Made in Thailand, Made in USA), Boy Goerge (Everything I Own), and so on.

But don’t make any conclusion about Gombloh musical works thru this very-pop-even-poor-pop song. On Radio is an other face of musical works by Gombloh. This song is his poor-pop version, because as composer and singer, Gombloh also need to fulfill his basic economy, so that he composed a commercial works. Gombloh actually was a composer par exellence. His music could be categorized as folk-rock-progressive. *

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  • Jonas Jonaitis  On June 26, 2010 at 9:44 pm

    I absolutelly agree with the author, throw would like to got more detailed info with updates about this. Thanks for good article, keep on doing good job. Cheers :)

    Thank u.

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