King of Dangdut


Untill now I am still doubting to label King of Dangdut on Indonesian musician Rhoma Irama. Why? If we are aggree that dangdut music rooted from Melayu and India music, so Rhoma Irama music is closed to Melayu-Arabian music. We can check this from his history, or his discography.

Look at this album by Orkes Purnama, the group before Oma Irama found Soneta group. In this album, Oma Irama interpretated five songs, and only one song composed by Oma Irama. Most of Oma songs in this album are closed to Melayu music, or Melayu-Arabian music. To be noted, that Oma Irama in Purnama group was only a singer among other singers, and the leader was Awab/Abdullah. So who is King of Dangdut? *

Track list:

Album : Aku Saudaramu

Band : Orkes Purnama

Leader: Awab/Abdullah

Singers: Oma Irama, Titing Yenny, Nayi,, Maimunah, Anna, A Harris.

Publisher: J&B record, no date releasing.

Side A:

1. Aku Saudaramu (Bahfen) — Oma Irama

2. Sedjarah Lama (Bahfen) — Titing

3. Kisah Lalu (Abdullah) — Nayo

4. Fajar (A. Harris) — A. Harris

5. Ke Taman Bunga (Abdullah) — Oma

6. Membisu (Abdullah) — Oma Irama

Side B:

1. Mari Beriman (Abdullah) — Titing, Yenny, bersama

2. Djamilah (Bahfen) — Oma, Titing

3. Dajuhkanlah (Hasan Lebra) — Nayo

4. Kembali (Bahfen) — Anna

5. Ulang Tahun Sila (Bahfen) — Anna

6. Kunanti (Oma Irama) — Oma Irama.


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  • noer_mn  On December 27, 2008 at 3:07 pm

    Sebelum mendirikan Soneta, Rhoma adalah penyanyi di OM Purnama, bahkan sebelum Soneta resmi berdiri tahun 73 album Soneta adakalanya memakai personil Purnama dlm beberapa lagu. Debutnya dimulai th 69 dengan lagu Ingkar Janji.

  • Zaenal 666  On October 15, 2009 at 2:56 pm

    OM Purnama could be labeled as the Kings of Orkes Melayu in the late 60’s but many who collect all the records (and you must have 200 OM LPs from the 1960’s and listen to them all to have an informed opinion!) and those who were there at the time would argue for other OM groups as the kings of Orkes Melayu in the 1960’s. Oma changed the style in the early 1970’s and with his team of partners: OM Soneta, Yukawi label, and his film producers made “Dangdut” the most popular music style the nation of Indonesia has ever seen. For that, he is Raja Dangdut without argument. Where are the 22 OM Purnama films that every Indonesian has seen? Oma/Rhoma deserves this title and there should be no question about it.

    Thank you for this academic comment. Questioning on Rhoma Irama is something sexy. My question is just to reshape our understanding on the history of dangdut music. Please give us more comments in this blog. (Kelik)

  • Agus  On February 25, 2012 at 3:05 am

    Dangdut Is a typical music of Indonesia, root from Melayu music. It could be Arab Melayu or Indian Melayu. This is the music of Indonesia. And Rhoma Irama is the king, who recognized by dangdut fans. Outsiders can only observe, should not be judged.

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