A Rare Jacky

Jacky in album Gairah Baru (Purnama record)

Jacky in album Gairah Baru (Purnama record)

This album entitled Gairah Baru by singer and musician Jacky (published by Purnama record, no date release) is new at least for me. May be Indonesian 80-ies generation were not aware enough toward this  singer in 1980-ies. Jacky for some music lovers may be no body. But if they listen to this album, their perception will be changed. This album is such progressive pop album which was well crafted and arranged. Some of songs have cacty melodies and sound melodious. The album was engaged by famous names such as Fariz Rustam Munaf, Uce F. Tekol, Karim, Pretty sisters and so on. *

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  • chev  On February 17, 2009 at 8:48 am

    wow…collector’s items…hehehe

    jacky, saya denger suaranya di kz album Elshinta Music Live. baru tau kalau beliau juga punya album solo. ada berapa album solo Jacky???


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