Koes Plus: The Second Album


Again, this is a personal commentary. Murry is a drummer of this pop band Koes Plus. Since he is the one and only non-Koes-brother, Murry is supposed has his personal character in music and composing. But in this Koes Plus early album, we can see that Mury composed three songs. Those songs — and may be all his songs in his lifetime career – had Koes Plus’ character: simplicity, catchy melody, “pop corn” musical taste. May be Koes Plus “home” influenced him deeply — musically. *

Track list

Album : Koes Plus Volume II

Artist Koes Plus Publisher: Dimita, no date release

Side I:

1. Lagu dalam Impian (Tony K) – Tonny K/Jon K

2.Kisah Sedih di hari Minggu (Tonny K) – Jon K

3. Kau Tinggalkan Aku (Jon K) – Tonny K/Jon K

4. Pentjuri Hati (Tonny K/Jon K/Murry) – Jok K

5. Hidup jang Sepi (Jon K) – Jon K

6. Djangan Selalu Marah (Tonny K) – Tonny

Side II:

1.Rahasia Hatiku (Tonny K) – Tonny K/Jon K

2.Andaikan Kau Datang (Tonny K) — Jon K

3. Bilakah Kau Pulang (Jon K) — Jon K

4. Hanja Pusaramu (Tonny K/Murry) — Jok K

5. Mengapa Kau Sedih (Jok K) — Tonny K

6. Djandjimu (Murry) — Jon K


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  • bhaskara  On July 21, 2010 at 10:02 am

    apakah bisa mendapat lirics lagu koesplus ini :1.Percayalah 2.Selaat tinggal. 3.Pengharapanku.4.Rahasia hatiku & 5 Perasaan..terimaksih atas bantuannya

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