The English Version of Koes Plus

LP Koes Plus The Sixth Album

LP Koes Plus The Sixth Album

Koes Plus is actually the Indonesian pop band who has skill to compose songs in English language — with western musical taste. Look at this Koes Plus The Sixth Album, there are five songs in English language and bring western pop musical taste. Some Indonesians should remember a song entitled Why Do You Love Me, which after re-arranged by musician Erwin Gutawa in album A Tribute to Koes Plus, become a “new song”: melodious, great sound, orchestrated, and so on. *

Track list

Album: Koes Plus Volume 6

Artist: Koes Plus

Publisher: Mesra record, Dimita, no date release

Side I:

  1. Kerinduan (Tonny K) – Yon K

  2. Ibu dan Lagunya (Tonny K) — Tonny K/Yon K/Yok K

  3. Tears Are Falling (Yok K) — Yon K/Yok K

  4. Oh Kasihku (K.S.) — Yon K

  5. Waktu Cepat Berlalu (Tonny K) — Tonny K

  6. Friendly Love (Tonny K) — Tonny K/Yon K

Side II:

  1. Hidup tanpa cinta (Murry) — Tonny K/Yon K

  2. Tiada Jalan Lagi (Yon K) — Yon K

  3. We Say Hallo (Tonny K) — Tonny K/Yon K/Yok K

  4. Bukan Rahasia (Murry/Tonny K) — Yon K

  5. Unhappy Shade (Murry/Tonny K) — Tonny K/Yon K./Yok K

  6. How Much I Love You (Yok K) — Yok K/Tonny K/Yon K


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  • tosuto  On March 18, 2009 at 1:38 pm

    Good work.. Keep writing guys..

  • dion  On April 23, 2009 at 5:16 am

    mohon minta download tanya dong please… album ini top abis sss sekali lagi please

  • fajar  On July 26, 2009 at 9:32 am

    Koes Plus Is grup band legendarys Indonesian Country of the best forever

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