Bing’s Trick for Children Songs

Kaset Koes Plus Pop Anak Vol. 1, Bing Slamet dkk

Kaset Koes Plus Pop Anak Vol. 1, Bing Slamet dkk

When this First Koes Plus Album – Children Pop is played, my four years old son commenting that he like that song. But why the singer is orang tua, Indonesian word for adult singer? Koes Plus is Indonesian pop band who released albums in various genres including children song. His first children song album was published by Purnama record (estimated produced in 70-ies). It consists of 12 songs, most of them catchy, and song Pok Ami Ami is memorable. In the era of Koes Plus, some pop bands published children song albums. Indeed they published albums in various genres. Even Favourite’s Group under direction A Rijanto published album Dakocan, which was supposed his best album. The different between Koes Plus and Favourite’s Group in creating children album is, Koes Plus interpretated the songs with their adult voice, meanwhile Favourite’s engaged children singers to interpretate the songs.

May be children song should be interpretated by children singers. But there was such a way to create a hybrid children song. Look at what musician Bing Slamet done in this album “Bing Slamet dkk”. This album is B part of album “Nola Tilaar, Eva Nurdin, Sylvia Kusumaningrum, Band Zainal Combo” (Canary record, estimated produced in 60-ies). In this album, Bing Slamet sang a duo with him self but with distorted voice thru a machine. The result is a memorable album. An other hybrid is a song Jangan Takut Gelap by child singer Tasya and pop singer Duta of Sheila on Seven band (the Very Best of Tasya, produced by Sony BMG, 2005). The result is a succes album.

One of children song albums which was appreciated by Rolling Stone Indonesia magazine (December, 2007) as one of 150 best Indonesian albums is Balonku. This album was produced by musician Adikarso and Andi Mamon, and played by a Gema Irama band under direction Jack Lesmana. Unfortunately I don’t find yet this album. Do you? *

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