Sapto Rahardjo’s Heritage

Album Borobudur Suite by Sapto Rahardjo-Andre Jaume

Album Borobudur Suite by Sapto Rahardjo-Andre Jaume

Sapto Rahardjo, Indonesian componist who died on 27 February 2009 was one of artists who has influence on creative atmosphere in Jogja city. When I was a student in this city in year 80-ies, we often watched his performance — especially for experimental music. He managed also a musical programme in Geronimo radio station which usually air indie bands.

His big contribution is in digitalizing gamelan instrument. It means that he has contribution in using creatively the gamelan instrument, and in promoting gamelan festival to international forum. His compositions was supposed many, but one of his recorded compisitions is this album Borobudur Suite (Pusat Kebudayaan Prancis, with no date of releasing). In this album, Sapto played gamelan in it’s traditional approach, while Andre Jaume, a multi instrumentalist from French, played a saxophone in jazz approach. The result is a blended gamelan-jazz music in contemporary approach. *

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  • tinette  On June 27, 2009 at 5:42 pm

    Rasanya ingin mendengarkan komposisi ini. The way you tell seems you got the meaning of what he did…, tell me more by your words.

    — Thank u for visiting my blog Bunda Tinette. I read your message just after coming from Lombok-Bali and now in Jogja.

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