The Last Man (Standing) Selling Oldies



On 6 March 2009, I visit Makassar, a city in south Sulawesi, for delivering a speech on Socializing Reading Habit, a workshop held by Department for National Education. After the task, I have only three hours to go for walk in Makassar before I leave thru Garuda flight to Jakarta.

Fortunately, I find a litle kiosk owned by Mr. Herman, a chinesse-blood who live in Makassar for his lifetime. His kiosk is located in Pasar Bitung jalan Tinumbu Makassar. Actually, I come to his kiosk to buy robusta coffee. While waiting Mr. Herman serve my order, I luckily see some old cassetes in his buffet. I check. And bravo. Some cassetes are produced in 70-ies and usually from traditional genre. And I bought about 10 cassetes. *

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  • Lois  On December 15, 2009 at 3:56 am

    Wow, how interesting. It’s true that a lot of times you find rare things in unexpected places.

    You are avery lucky:)

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